University of Minnesota Extension

Client: University of Minnesota Extension Center for Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (EFANS)

Strategic planning: This strategic planning effort included leaders from around the state in an intense session included the following elements:

Participants worked as a whole group and in teams to maximize contributions and value

1. Participants briefly presented proposed positions, highlighting the key features of position proposals and how they support the EFANS goals

2. Lead staff presented research-based information on cross-EFANS intersections and implications

3. Q&A: Each participant responds to deeper questions and comments about how the proposed positions support the EFANS goals

4. Teams linked positions with relevant EFANS goals

5. Closing reflections; these included the following:

The process revealed that there are many ways we can integrate these positions in practical and prudent ways. Also, just as importantly, it revealed that this group is able and good at making those innovative connections.

A better understanding of a shared vision and direction by the EFANS Program Leadership Team. We are taking the next logical progression from our 2004 “roots.”

The high level of camaraderie and support among program leaders

Teams worked together to developed detailed ideas
Teams from around the state and with different expertise brought richness to the discussions




Participants (enthusiastically) linked position options to EFANS goals