IAP2 Legacy Project

This report from Anne is excellent. Beautifully and clearly written and one which truly hits the spot — in a careful and concise way.

— Dr. Geoff Fagan, former IAP2 president

To support the International Association for Public Participation’s (IAP2) successful transition in January 2011 from a single international organization to a federation of affiliates, the 2010 IAP2 board of directors commissioned a Legacy Project to address and document the central financial, cultural, policy, and operational parameters that will support sustainable decision-making for the IAP2 Federation international board.

Anne was privileged to be selected for this work by the 2010 board. Working from interviews with and contributions from dozens of critical leaders in IAP2’s history, as well as written materials, we gathered good practice and lessons learned to offer thoughtful guidance for the Federation as it moved forward with its work. This work was part of IAP2’s dynamic and developmental learning process, with the organization clearly understanding that there is always more to learn, decide, and carry forward to help shape IAP2’s entire future.

This project was one of many dedicated and thoughtful efforts led by committed IAP2 members and staff to improve how democracy works for people around the world, and to build IAP2 into a broadly representative, truly international organization supporting that in every way possible. See Legacy Project for a copy of the report.