Portland Public Schools

To support the district’s rethinking around high school redesign and other critical strategic issues, the four cohorts of the course over several year included customized, real-time cases. Each of the 12-hour training sessions for leadership, staff throughout the district, and lead community partners explicitly focused on engaging diverse and underrepresented stakeholders including students, families, communities of color, people in poverty, families without children in public schools, young families, and others whose voices were not being heard.

Anne drew from a wealth of knowledge and experience that brought nuance and clarity to these complex engagement issues we’re grappling with at PPS. Her role as a School Board member and a P2 (public participation) expert brought a great deal of relevance to our experiences.
Robb Cowie, PPS Executive Director of Community Involvement and Public Affairs

Just a quick note of thanks for your superior job last week! You were right–Friday was an intense day–but incredibly beneficial. I learned more in your P2 training than I had in a long time, despite my years of experience working with stakeholders, both directly and indirectly. I look forward to putting my new skills to work here at PPS.
— Lynda Rose, Senior Board Manager, Portland Public Schools

Other participant comments included “Probably the best workshop I have attended” and “Really appreciate your expertise on school/academics/policy interwoven with the training”