Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

Approximately 75 managers and key staff responsible for designing community engagement processes participated in one of the four 12-hour professional development sessions. Each worked with three different real-time cases, determining the participation objectives and level of engagement for the overall design, then identifying and analyzing stakeholders before teams drafted the comprehensive and inclusive engagement designs.

This short video shows participants using “awareness cards” to better understand the spectrum of diversity, and then identifying and analyzing stakeholders for one of the cases.

This professional development work focusing on inclusion has played an important role in MPRB’s efforts, as reported in the 2013 Budget.

“…Staff knowledge of community engagement has also increased by multiple departments attending an intensive training course. The staff participated in the training course designed to provide the development of effective approaches and techniques for engaging diverse communities, experience in stakeholder identification, application of appropriate participation tools, and integration of this knowledge into daily work. …All residents should have access to programs and services that are designed based on their input and participation. To ensure this happens…five community engagement lead positions [will be] …evaluating programs and services, engaging underserved segments of the community and reducing barriers to participation. Programs and services will be redefined, developed and offered to meet the diverse needs of the community.”

Small groups share experiences and stories in an awareness exercise
Participants identify and analyze stakeholders for a case
Teams work through the authentic design process
Teams designing an authentic process for one of the cases