League of Minnesota Cities

Client: League of Minnesota Cities

Strategic planning for the Board of Directors and senior staff: This full-day strategic planning retreat for board members from around the state and senior staff was to facilitate their providing clear guidance and direction for the Future of the League Phase 3 Task Force.

Within that, the desire was for the Board to accomplish the following:

  • Elaborate in depth on the eight top-priority needs emerging from Phase 2
  • Brainstorm potential League responses to those needs
  • Understand and make connections between the cost of meeting these needs and revenue projections for the next 5-7 years

By leveraging the commitment and skills of participants and staff, we were able to go into great depth on key issues while allowing sufficient time for people to process what they were considering and provide thoughtful guidance and direction.

Each team worked on a set of key issues

Teams representatives presented their ideas to the entire group
Teams identified on and presented out their priorities by category
Senior staff helped facilitate small groups focusing on key issues