League of Women Voters MN Strategic Plan

As the League of Women Voters approaches its 100-year anniversary, the Minnesota state League took the opportunity for organizational reflection and launched an inclusive, multi-step strategic planning process to identify evolving opportunities and challenges, a strategic pathway forward toward a stronger and higher-impact state League, and a practical, aspirational, and sustainable framework to help guide future initiatives and resource allocations.

Working with local Leagues, community partners, and using an online survey for individuals, 586 stakeholders contributed over 4,000 unique narrative responses to drive the goal- and strategy-setting process. Their perspectives included critical issues around equity, access, and inclusion, and they offered important context and recommendations on how to advance and accelerate the League’s important efforts. Working directly from that rich input, League representatives from around the state participated in a SWOT analysis and a day-long workshop to draft a set of long-term goals and mid-term strategies. We sought feedback on those, and 204 stakeholders contributed over 1904 responses to the draft goals and strategies.

Based on that specific feedback and suggestions, the steering committee and board made further changes and the board adopted the final Strategic Plan.