MN: Early Childhood Indicators of Progress

Client: State of Minnesota Departments of Education, Human Services, and Health

Statewide stakeholder engagement for early childhood: Worked with multi-agency team to collaborate with stakeholders throughout the state to revise the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress for birth to kindergarten entrance.

  • Facilitated broadly representative Workgroups for the two domains: language, literacy, and communications; and social and emotional
  • Prepared comprehensive state demographic profile and presented to teams to provide critical perspectives on the current and future of the state
  • Compiled and organized scholarly research
  • Engaged statewide and national experts, with special emphasis on experts from communities of Color, immigrants, and Native Americans to ensure those critical perspectives are included
  • Designed and implemented statewide feedback on draft revision, with special emphasis on underrepresented communities
  • Compiled and analyzed feedback and presented to teams
  • Facilitated Workgroups and all three agencies to reach consensus and prepare final recommendation to their respective state Commissioners

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