Minneapolis Park & Rec: Southwest LRT Draft EIS

Client: Minneapolis Park and Recreation (MPRB)

Stakeholder Engagement and Decision Support: Supported the appointed Community Advisory Committee (CAC) to prepare MPRB’s formal comments on the Southwest light rail transit Draft Environmental Impact Statement to help protect Minneapolis park and trail users, lands, flora/fauna, and historic structures.

Developed prep and framing materials for CAC including project overview and timeline, DEIS regulatory and legal process, sample DEIS content on park impacts and comment letters, and robust and authentic public engagement options.

Prepared a video of the entire Minneapolis section of the LRT corridor for CAC members and the public, highlighting all points/sections over which the MPRB had jurisdiction and that needed to be addressed as part of the CAC’s work.

From the beginning, through multiple delays in the Federal process, and through the formal DEIS comment period, facilitated all CAC meetings, designed and implemented all community engagement and input, and supported the CAC to prepare a robust, appropriate, and valuable comment letter for MPRB to submit to the feds to protect this important corridor. See the comprehensive Comment Letter.

CAC members explore LRT implications for the Kenilworth Channel
The CAC considers potential LRT impacts for the Kenilworth Channel
CAC members review options at Cedar Lake Pkwy and the Grand Rounds
CAC members look at issues with streets, trails, and the LRT intersecting
CAC members explore implications at 21st Street