Hennepin County: Homelessness

Client: Hennepin County Human Services

Stakeholder Engagement and Decision Making: Design and conduct rigorous annual (since 2002) stakeholder engagement and decision-making process.

Provide decision-making support for Hennepin County’s HUD homelessness Continuum of Care Committee for their grantee selection and ranking process. This diverse and evolving group has included people who have experienced homelessness, funders, county, state, and federal agency staff, providers, and advocates.

Developed responsible analysis and evaluation process for Committee to review outcome data prior to annually determining criteria, reviewing applications, conducting site visits, examining performance, and ranking recipients for millions in HUD support for providers of housing and services to people experiencing chronic homelessness.

In addition, early in this work CF&A conducted one of the first comprehensive evaluations of the County’s overall continuum of care. The introduction to the complete report ended with this prescient statement: “And from homeless people to funders, providers to regulators, and staff to elected officials at local, state, and federal levels, there is clear consensus that with dwindling resources and increasing demands, the county must quit simply “managing” homelessness, and must commit to a comprehensive and strategic vision and action plan to actually end chronic homelessness in Hennepin County.” See COC Evaluation and Recommendations, Complete Report.

Committee members carefully review provider proposals and performance
Committee members work in teams to analyze provider materials and make site visits