Dakota County Solid Waste Master Plan Update

Designing and implementing county-wide stakeholder engagement for this comprehensive update. The revised Master Plan will guide proper waste management within Dakota County for the next 20 years, and include strategies to divert waste from the landfill and comply with state mandates and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s Policy Plan.

Key commitments are to engaging across the spectrum of diversity, building stakeholder relationships to support successful long-term implementation, using stakeholder input and feedback to shape decisions, and ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the process.

Multilingual stakeholder information is provided via paper and digital platforms including newsletters, social media, website, partner publications, and similar. Stakeholder input is gathered in-person workshops and interviews for key groups including municipalities, school districts, haulers, and facilities, and via online surveys in four languages, Stakeholder contributions shaped new draft solid waste strategies, and feedback on those strategies will drive the final Plan content and implementation.