Roseville: Imagine Roseville 2025 Visioning

Client: City of Roseville, Minnesota

Community Visioning: Conducted comprehensive community visioning project for the City of Roseville, a robust and strategically located first-ring suburb committed to making insightful redevelopment and development decisions.

Worked with the Council-appointed steering committee and a number of topic-specific community groups:

  • Identified and analyzed stakeholders, including those who were underrepresented in the city’s decision-making
  • Gathered ideas and from diverse range of stakeholders, including youth, newcomers, families with young children, people of color, businesses, commissions,  elders, neighboring governments, major institutions, and others
  • Articulated key community values
  • Conducted workshops to identify and agree on community goals, strategies, and vision
  • Validation session open to the entire community to review final draft content prior to final revisions
  • Kept the Council and all staff informed and actively engaged

Click here for the final Roseville 2025 report, and here to see the City’s ongoing work.

Subcommittee members kicked off their work


Subcommittees hosted community listening sessions on their own topics
Topic-specific subcommittees brainstormed ideas
Subcommittee members debated all kinds of ideas
Newcomers offered their unique perspectives
Neighboring communities, major institutions, and agencies weighed in
Community members considered options for the future
Ideas and opinions flowed freely and respectfully among participants
Community members brainstormed ideas
Neighbors brainstormed initial visioning ideas